Old New Mexico
          (Jerry Jeff Walker, Christine Albert) Groper Music (BMI)
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An old love paid a visit
In a restless dream one night
He kissed my cheek and whispered
Did everything turn out alright
I’d loved him once but left him
A long, long time ago
‘Cause I thought that there was more to life
Than old New Mexico

He brought to mind those moonless nights
Underneath the stars
When friends around the pinon fire
Would sing and play guitar
We’d listen to the spirit winds
And the songs of the Navajo
Our lives were so enchanted then
In old New Mexico

But something else was telling me
To pack my truck and go
I told him that I felt my fate
Was somewhere down that road
He said your fate is what you make
Of choices as you go
You just want more than life can give
In old New Mexico

So I left the circle of my friends
To make it on my own
Like a snake that sheds its skin
On the road I was reborn
Well something’s lost but something’s gained
In every step you go
That’s the price I paid to ride out of old New Mexico

I awoke at the break of dawn
Exhausted by that dream
And wondered if our lives are not
Just dreams and memories
Don’t look back or second guess
Said a wise old native soul
You’ll never know what might have been
In old New Mexico

He said a life is just one story
Half remembered in the end
The earth is all that will abide
When everything you know is gone
With the wind…………

There’s a wind that blows the clouds on high
The wind the eagle rides
There’s a wind that blows the trees and leaves
The dust up in your eyes
There’s a wind they call blue norther
That cuts you to the bone
And blows away all memories
Of old New Mexico

It blows away all memories
Of old New Mexico

From the album Everything's Beautiful Now on MoonHouse Records

copyrighted all rights reserved